Smaller is Better



8413482843_c8be51a81fI’ve noticed that with the ever-increasing tech filled world and its entertainment value that people are reading summarized content and watching shorter videos for entertainment and learning. This can be easily seen via facebook with likes and twitter with retweets. It’s easier to have your posts liked and retweeted if its a small text with little filler. It seems that the smaller the message, the bigger the impact. I’ve been trying to shorten my posts and tweets to improve interest in them (and a catchy title does wonders!)


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New Language


Want to begin to learn a language? I will be providing tools to help you learn these languages on your own, while contributing to the vast knowledge available on the web! The first tool I will provide is duolingo. Duolingo is a free, popular tool that many people are using to learn languages.

The service works by giving the user words and sentences to be translated that are dependent on the skill and knowledge level that the reader presents. Learn any language you want at your own pace, and translate sentences for the entire world to read at the same time! 

The next service is Lang-8. This website pairs you with an individual who wants to learn your own native language, while you learn theirs. You choose which language you want to learn and your skill level, and you are paired up with someone from across the world who meets these demands! It is a great way to find a native speaker to practice with and has helped thousands master other languages! And as usual, this service is free! 

The next website is called Memrise. Memrise has actual courses with many different languages, but it’s not only limited to the language area! This website has courses on history, science, the arts, and much more!

Cyberbullying PD seminar in Regina

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Regina is hosting a cyberbullying seminar at the University of Regina, on the second floor in the Education building in the teacher prep center. This is a wonderful event PD event for education students, teachers, and anyone who is interested. It is on March 12, 2014 at 7pm.

The Education Students Society is pleased to announce our next Professional Development Event! Entitled "Cyberbullying in the Classroom: What you Need to Know", this event looks at identifying signs of cyber-bullying and providing mediation as a concerned teacher. This is a significant problem in schools, especially as society grows ever more dependent on technology, and it's important for teachers to know how to keep their students safe online.

This event will take place March 12, 2014 at 7 PM in the Teacher Prep Centre! Education students in attendance will receive a signed certificate, and drinks and snacks will be provided also! This event is open to non-Education students as well, so bring your friends!

Glogster, the online blogs for kids


Today I will be reviewing the educational tool known as Glogster. This is a blog that allows the admin (Teacher) to invite students to an online community to upload their notes, lesson work, and assignments onto the website in an easy to use manner that is visually and educationally pleasing.

Glogster is a very useful tool for the students, the teachers, and the parents. It allows the teacher to remain organized, send reminders and upload to do lists online, and have a paperless or reduce paper classroom. The students are able to keep on task and be creative with their creations by adding any video or photo that they create or find, while at the same time having fun, reexamining the material to upload, and gaining important technology skills for the future. Parents are able to follow along with teacher updates, as well as their own childs progress and learn exactly what they are learning with the same notes or created material by the students

The software is so simple that I have seen ten year olds create pages that are more complex and visually pleasing than what I was able to make when I was sixteen and working with website creation software and photostop! In just twelve minutes, I was able to turn this into this. It only takes a few seconds to learn how to do and the creativity is incredible. One can hyperlink any text, video, picture, or animation with ease. Furthermore, students can look at other blogs for inspiration or for fun.

Glogster is very affordable for a single teacher to use for their entire classroom, and is an evnironmentally friendly way for students to get their work done while introducing them to important skills in computer literacy.. ..If I was doing this when I was ten I would have been ecstatic to complete my lessons and upload them to my blog!

Personally, I have only seen GLogster used in math class, but its implications are limitless for almost any subject of all ages. This is a tool that I am very likely to use in my classroom, assuming nothing better comes along until then! I would highly recommend this product to any educator that wants to teach their students technology and force them to reexamine the content taught while the students have fun!