Inquiry Project: What is the Best Way to Run my Classroom?

My inquiry project is simply put: “What is the best way to run my classroom?” This will be examined in six areas, each of which will examine how I felt before preinternship and then during/after preinternship

  1. Class layout
  2. Diverse Learners & Behavioral Differences
  3. Classroom Rules
  4. Assessment
  5. Teaching
  6. Summary

I’ve touched on all of these in some of my last posts, and numbers 1 – 5 will link to four blog posts that cover how I felt before going into preinternship and how I feel after. I’ve learned how I want to run my classroom (though it’s very likely to change once internship happens). In this post I will try to summarize all I discovered through-out the semester and the preinternship I had.

Classroom environment & layout, student behaviors and abilities, teaching practices and how/what/why to assess are all linked together. When one improves, they can all improve. At the same time, when one needs improvement, it affects the quality of the others. In a small, cramped, cold, and loud environment students will have trouble paying attention, doing quality work, and being taught. This was why I chose to take a broad subject to inquire instead of a specific.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from my inquiry was to have checks & balanced in how I plan and how to do a proper seating chart. Everything I do as an educator needs to have a good reason why it is happening and a proper way to implement it.


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