Language Learning

New Language


Want to begin to learn a language? I will be providing tools to help you learn these languages on your own, while contributing to the vast knowledge available on the web! The first tool I will provide is duolingo. Duolingo is a free, popular tool that many people are using to learn languages.

The service works by giving the user words and sentences to be translated that are dependent on the skill and knowledge level that the reader presents. Learn any language you want at your own pace, and translate sentences for the entire world to read at the same time! 

The next service is Lang-8. This website pairs you with an individual who wants to learn your own native language, while you learn theirs. You choose which language you want to learn and your skill level, and you are paired up with someone from across the world who meets these demands! It is a great way to find a native speaker to practice with and has helped thousands master other languages! And as usual, this service is free! 

The next website is called Memrise. Memrise has actual courses with many different languages, but it’s not only limited to the language area! This website has courses on history, science, the arts, and much more!