My Preinternship: First time in the Classroom in Two Years

For the last week I’ve been in the classroom teaching as part of my pre-internship (first time in the classroom in over two years). I’ve learned some great tips from my little time here, and I am lucky due to my classroom schedule. In period 2 I have a social studies 9 group. In period 3 I have a social studies 9 group.

My partner in crime @LalondeKatED and I are blessed with the ability to make a lesson plan, implement it, and then pick apart what went wrong and what we can do better. We then re-teach the same lesson the next day to a different group. This makes for incredible pedagogical improvements in planning and implementing a lesson/unit/assessment. My last week has been phenominal and a very real-world experience. My co-operating teacher is giving me feedback that is making a true difference in my practice.

I’ve learned several tips and tricks to teaching better:

  • Have everything written out before hand for students to see
    • dumb-things down as much as I can in steps and procedures so students always know where they are and where they are going, and try and tell them why if I can.
  •  If doing a lecture / written out notes, have a wireless mouse to transition slides and walk around the sides and back of the room instead of standing in the front.
  •  Always reflect: ask yourself why you’re doing this and how you plan to accomplish it (and again, why are we accomplishing it this way?)
  •  Lay out your rules and expectations at the start of the year and the start of class
  •  Always focus on improving yourself

Finally, pray to the printer gods that technology is working. My partner in crime spent an hour printing sixty documents because the many thousands of dollars machine we were using kept breaking. And show mercy to me Katia about my inquiry project. I work full time while doing this… and am pioneering a program for diverse learners and government funded iPads. #SleepIsForTheWeak


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