Doctors Notes: A note of stupidity

Just a quick rant. Doctors notes, in no way, help anyone accomplish anything. It floods Saskatchewans currently already overstretched health system. It puts other people are risk of being sick, it wastes employers, employees, and doctors time and money. I recently had to get a doctors note to avoid being expelled from my school. For three days of missed classes. I was so sick that I was stuck in bed for the first two days and could only stomach one meal. I was vomitting, had diarrhea, extreme headaches, stuffed up, disoriented, and dizzy. If I’m too sick to show up to class in my fifth year of University, isn’t it logical to assume that I’m too sick to wait in a medical clinic for an hour and a half to pay $40 for a doctors note? The only times I got out of bed were to go to the bathroom, make myself food once, and get a god damned doctors note. People who require these: you do nothing good for the system. That is all.


For more reasons why Doctor Note requirements are bad….


If your student or employer says they have a nasty flu and have no habit of commonly falling ‘sick’ before, why harm the system.


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