What’s it Like Being White?

I was doing my regular browning of the web and came upon the question “What is it Like Being White?” I scrolled through the answers and eventually found one that I can relate with. I feel it accurately personifies how many white people feel about the subject. Just some food for thought.

“There’s a lack of identity associated with it. I don’t think of myself as white any more than I think of myself as blue-eyed. It’s a feature, not part of who I am. There’s no real struggle to empathize with, no real connection to other white people based just on being white. At least not that I’ve experienced, so it’s just a non-thing.

A checkbox on a form and nothing else.

Hell, it’s less of an identity thing than hairstyle, at least for me.

As for day-to-day life, it’s honestly hard to consider, since I’ve never not been white.

I guess I’m not worried about going 10 over the speed limit, since I’m no more likely to be pulled over than anyone else. Is that a concern for minority drivers? I honestly don’t know.”




  1. Thanks for sharing this – In the context of this program, how do you feel about that assessment of whiteness? Is it a source of guilt for you? Or something you feel you are working through?

    1. I feel like the above response accurately sums up the thoughts of most peoples thoughts if they were asked the question. This is of course assuming they haven’t given it any thought before (which I assume most people have not… at least the ones in my past and present environment). The answer would change if you asked someone whom has thought of the question in-depth before.

      Personally I don’t see why any white person should feel guilty for that fact. Just as feminism is about promotion of women’s rights and not about men bashing, ethnic equality is about equality and not white bashing. Pointing out that white people have had most of the control and privilege in society both in past and present and notifying someone about privilege is completely fair and in no way negative and isn’t white bashing; it’s raising awareness.

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