Who Am I?

I’m required to do an introduction here for this class, so I’m going to copy and paste my ‘about me’ on my website.


I am entering my fifth year of University and pursuing a degree in education at the University of Regina. I am immensely enjoying this experience and look to further myself as an educator as time goes on and I and experience more through my daily life and education. I enjoy the little things in life and I hope to travel the world and experience life to its fullest. Oh, and I’m also Time Magazines 2006 Person of the Year.

My current goal at the moment are to speak at my students’ graduation. I am striving to become the best educator that I can and to make all students feel safe and welcome in my classroom. For me, success as a teacher means that I will motivate at least one of my students to strive to better themselves in any way that they see fit. I want to use fun methods and shift towards using technology to its fullest potential in the classroom, as well as my personal .

From my time in the field and in the classroom I have discovered the importance of bonds with the students, differentiated and complete instruction, and modern teaching goals. Students are much more willing to learn and trust once we got to know one another. Some students had problems at home and responded positively to another male figure in their life, while others feared having a male mentor.  A teacher can attempt any teaching methods or any suggestions in the classroom to reach out to a student that exhibits these, but forming a trusting relationship with the student is the most effective method.

In my field experience, the teachers I was working with practiced inclusive practice for students who knew very little English, those with autism and other learning disabilities, and with physical and sensory problems. I discovered that I have a learning disability in my second year of University and have made adjustments to how I learn. I’ve made it a goal to attempt to adapt my teaching to all of my students needs whenever possible, and I believe technology is one of the main answers to accommodate these different learning needs as it has helped me with my education and personal use in many ways.

My cooperating teachers I was with also used internet blogs to help students learn, contain the information taught, and to provide better ways to incorporate parents in their children’s education. Using computers for learning and assignments has real-world applications and provides a higher quality education with less work to the teacher. I’m an avid user of computers and I plan on incorporating them into the classroom whenever possible. My overall experience from being out in the field was incredibly positive thanks to my students and my mentors. It was an incredible learning experience and I hope to become half as good as a teacher as those I observed.

I aim to make the best with what I have and to experience as much as I can in this world. In order to fulfill this goal I do as much travelling, socializing, work, and bond making as I can. This summer my goal is to experience the prairies and spend some time skydiving, bungee jumping, and anything else on my bucket list!


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