Youtube in the Classroom

Youtube is a great tool. It’s free, has tens of millions of videos, and is one of the largest sources of knowledge in the world. In the last four months, I’ve used youtube videos in almost all of my lesson plans.




  1. It can capture emotion and provide a better reference point than me lecturing or students reading
  2. It captures the attention of students better than most methods
  3. It works great for audio and visual learners
  4. A video can be found for almost all scenarios and content

For example, on the history channel on youtube, there are dozens of playlists. Some of the more useful ones for education would be The Men Who Built America, Deconstructing History, or WWII in HD.

The above are great playlists for pure content. Some videos will portray a hidden message or attempt to convince the viewer to adopt a new style of thinking (Ted Talks are great for this!)

My personal favorite youtube channel is SpaceRip. I have watched almost every video on this channel and it has fueled my passion of physics and astronomy.

Youtube is a great place and excuse for people to practice something unusual and unique, upload it, and get applauded for it. Musicians upload themselves playing, gamers upload themselves playing video games, educators may upload videos of them teaching, or students may upload videos of them doing whatever!


If I need to learn how to fix my car, I can. 


If I want to learn how to play piano, I can. 


If I want to learn about treaties in Saskatchewan… I can.


Save yourself some time, give yourself some knowledge, and have some fun with youtube in your classroom.


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