Ruining Star Wars


Part 1I never heard of Led Zeppelin being ripoffs until this… but now it’s clear that they were heavily influenced and snipped parts from other songs and artists.

It would be okay to take these parts and incorporate it into your own (original) piece, if enough change was made, or if attribution was given.

Part 2: I never realised just how many sequals there were to plays, movies, books, toys, characters…. and so forth, until this episode brought up the fact. Many movies are inspired by other movies, and characters by other characters.

This episode also brought up the fact that star wars heavily reenacted many scenes from many movies. I don’t want to believe that star wars is based on many other stories. While they have their own twist… But many scenes were made similar to multiple movies (intro, fight scenes, etc). Thank you for ruining my childhood. However, I feel that some of these were overexxagerated… Some movies had holograms of women or robots before star wars… does that mean that without the prior, the current would not exist? No!

It demotivates me to think that all these incredible pieces of work were filled with copies using similar camera techniques, sounds, quotes, and landscapes.

Part 3: “nobody starts out original… we need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding”

copy, transform, and combine –> basic elements of creativity

When kirby was talking about the Macintosh copying everything… the thought popped into my head… is this BAD? Is it bad to copy something and give innovation? No! Progress comes from taking existing ideas and modifying them to become more efficient or serve a greater purpose.

Multiple discoveries theorem was also something that was a reality check for me. .. Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace both came up with the theorem of natural selection in the same time period. Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Grey patented for the telephone on the same day. It’s clear that progression is universal, and that our future is not dependent on single individuals. Concepts and technologies are being invented at the same time, or in close time periods.



Part 4:

Even the US is a copy of the Iroquois Confederacy.

Copies are cheaper to make and sell than original products… originals cost more to research and have more trials. Even something that seems innovative is most likely just a copy.


Photo Credit: Sergey Galyonkin via Compfight cc





Take the Oculus Rift for example. It’s based on and competing against…well… all of these



“when we copy… we justify it…. when others copy, we villany it”







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