Learning Code

I was given Tech Task #5 which instructed me to go and learn some coding! I decided to check out CodeAcademy and was greeted with an interesting screen. 1The home page was actually a tutorial on some of the basic inputs on coding, which was an easy way to pull the user into learning more. I followed the prompts, and eventually I was led to three beginner projects. 2

  1. Create a solar system / orbit pattern (which I have done in the past)
  2. Create a website about myself (I think I’ve got that one covered!)
  3. Animate my Name

The choice was rather obvious, and I decided to go with #3. This tutorial came with 15 instructions and it checked the work after each line of code. Hints were available if needed. The first page started with the completed product. 3

As the tutorial progressed, I was instructed on the terminology of coding, what these inputs did, and how to combine previous lessons into one giant collage of code. 4

Overall the entire experience was short, fun, and educational. It provided a brief introduction into coding and can be used to diagnose if students want to look at coding for some sort of project for future classes. CodeAcademy allows one to do learning on their own by providing advanced tutorials and project ideas, and then allows the creator to share these creations to the world.



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