Digital Footprint and PLN Growth




                              Inspired by Danielle Carey’s post about her digital footprint, i decided to google myself for the first time since starting ECMP355, a class which attempts to give students a digital footprint and PLN. I was surprised with the results that popped up. My twitter and website popped up, as well as my youtube channel, other websites tracking my progress, and other websites dedicated to hosting mine (and others) posts. This is all on the front page. I’m actually a person now, not some random egg or blogger with no followers and it only took ten weeks to get over five-hundred views on my website and over one hundred twitter followers.

I’m getting at least ten vibrations a day from my phone from twitter, and in the last week I was surprised to see that posts and tweets of mine were taken and put into online resources followed by thousands of teachers.

It’s a nice reminder to know that I’m accomplishing something with my reading, posting, and interacting. My PLN is thriving and I’ve received thirty responses in an online poll for another website I am currently creating.  And to anyone reading this, you can get charted on the webmap as well. Just keep it up!


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