Teachers need Prezi, not powerpoint



Last night I was researching or a lesson plan I needed to present the following day, and I decided to head to prezi and search for material I needed. I discovered premade presentations with material that could be directly used or with sources to further explore. I was able to just screenshot this material and put it into my own presentation to save time as it was relevant.

Why should teachers use prezi rather than powerpoint? It’s a public database and all presentations are made available for the public (unless specifically made private for the user). This means future teachers can look at your data and build upon it, or use it entirely. It saves us work (we are all busy) and gives us better resources to use! Plus, it looks much more professional and it’s easier to build connections.


One comment

  1. I enjoy this blog post, I have messed around with Prezi and watching several prezi presentation that others have created they are enjoyable when used properly. For most part I have seen it as just a continuos zoom in and zoom out creating a head ache. I agree with the professional layouts, but I think that powerpoint can have a professional format as well when used correctly. I think Alec does a great job at not displaying over barring slides in his presentations that link to his knowledgable content. I guess the argument can always be made from how good the tool is vs knowledge of how to use them correctly.

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