6th Grade Ultimate Resource

My peer Taylor Hardy (@hardy22t) has created an “Ultimate Grade Six Teaching Resource” which is a complete and useful tool for any middle schools teacher. The guide gives resources and materials for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and more!


Taylor goes through the curriculum by section and gives modern and innovative lesson plans, templates, videos, assessments, resources to use, and so forth. In math she dissects a years worth of lessons into categories such as shape, patterns, numbers.

I highly recommend this website for all preservice teachers and inservice teachers, as well as parents of children in this area of education. It can be used as a primary guide or a secondary resource for lessons plans inside the school, or just looked at to get some ideas (because many new-gen teachers are now looking at teacherspayteachers ; online blogs ; pinterest searches ; or other places online). I’m currently in a grade seven classroom, and I’m not upset that I’m not able to use this to save myself hours of work! But I can still use this is a review when introducing a new unit!

Follow Taylor on Twitter or on her blog! Twitter_logo_2337037fwordpress



  1. Hey Matthew, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your post I think it was really interesting and cool! That is am awesome resource. But I also wanted to complament you on how it looks like you really want to know what your doing in regards to blogging! Your entire blog looks really good and well put together and you seem to know how to use wordpress really well!

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