First World Problems…

…are ridiculous. We’ve all said a “first world problem” in the past but it sounds truly ridiculous and arrogant for us as people to complain about how we need to wait in a medical clinic for a half hour to see a doctor or about how our cars only get 30 MPG. I’ve recently made it a goal to reduce saying ‘first world problems’ even as a joke simply because I imagine third world, poverty stricken individuals saying these words.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder about how ridiculous we sound with our “problems.” We forget about what we have in our lives that we should be thankful for, and forget what other people in the world do not have. I believe that by remembering that we in the developed nations do not have a bad standard of living when compared to others and to instead be thankful for what we have, rather than upset with what isn’t optimal, that we shall be much happier as individuals.

Even our perceived “needs| as a human being are changing to the point where our problems are having fast wifi and recent cellphones. If we as educators do not lead the path of thankfulness, how will our students (whom many from the older generations describe as “spoiled”) grow up and what will their true problems be?



  1. This is awesome Matthew, I think this is so true and I couldn’t agree more, we all have said “first world problems” and it is rude and offensive. There are people who struggle for food,water, safety and health and here we are, all spoiled. People really need to think about stuff like this more often and think about ti for more then one minute, or do more than watch a video be sad for a little and move on. I think people should realize that these are real world issues that no matter how much we act like they don’t exist, they do.

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