Technology is a door that we as teachers must take


I’m going to outright and say it. I was a terrible student in highschool and elementary school. I discovered in my second semester of my first year of college that I had a learning disability which explained a lot about the story of my life. I was diagnosed with dysgraphia, a learning disability that explains a lot from my life. But today I’m in my fourth year of University, with a higher average than many of my

peers. Sounds unreal, yes? All I needed were some tools to help me walk along a path, a path that is not similar to what many of my peers have taken. I went along a newer path that not many take, and that many educators are afraid of.

Today we have text to speech programs, audio books, videos about everything on youtube, and access to every other teacher in the world. Students who learn better hearing instead of seeing have resources. Students who learn better seeing rather than hearing will always have resources. Some students remember better when writing things down for themselves and some like to type. We have the technology to have them take photos of their work and put it online on blogs or wikis, or to have them create videos as an assignment. If us as teachers are having difficulties, we can use a hashtag and twitter, contact and get advice from leaders in the digital world, look online for pre-made lessons or ideas, and many other things.afraid of. I used technology to help my learning. Laptops and tablets for note taking to counteract a crampy hand after a paragraph of writing (i thought everyone had this happen to them!) and so that I could have something to look at while I am listening to the lecture (losing attention) and something that I organized and wrote to maximize my learning and remembering (poor memory) plus a large diversity of reasons.

So why is it that we as educators are not embracing these? They are obvious benefits and by refusing to do so, we are teaching in the hidden curriculum to only stick with what you know, and to not embrace change.


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  1. This is a great post. It is important that we as teachers, have these technologies available and we also know how to use them, in order to make learning for our students something that do now need to fight for. This all comes from differentiating and adapting, which we all know will look different for each of our students. Your post really left me thinking about what I can do and learn to better the education of all my students in the classroom.

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