Is Minecraft more than a silly game? (a great teaching tool?)

My classmate Taylor Harty wrote this and I think it’s very well done! This would be a very good read for any math teachers in the elementary years! Minecraft is a game that every student in schools knows about today, and it’s very useful and relatable in the classroom (especially math!) I fuly plan on using it as a resource for my future students (I swear I’m not doing it as an excuse to play minecraft!)

Taylor Hardy

Minecraft Photo Credit: meaganmakes via Compfightcc

Wow. So I never would have guessed I would be writing about this topic since I initially hated Minecraft and had never understood why my brother enjoyed playing such a pixelated game; however, my thoughts are changing. I had initially googled Youtube as a great teaching resource but was surprised when an article about “Minecraft being the ultimate teaching tool”  came up. After reading the article and watching the video I got to thinking that maybe my opinion about the game had been wrong this whole time.

To explain, Minecraft is like a huge online lego game. You have your character who can build, harvest, dig, swim, and many other things. There isn’t a particular object to the game besides stay alive and have fun. There are certain challenges you can take on (like defeating a dragon), but really the game centralizes around…

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