My personal learning network and its growth


My personal learning network is currently expanding at a much more rapid rate than previously though.  When I was a kid, I uploaded around a hundred youtube videos and received about fifty followers over around three years. My videos are now the top videos when one searches for a specific video game. I received thousands of views on my videos, and yet I only received around twenty to thirty subscribers.

I thought that twitter would be the same thing, meaning that my hours of effort would not be rewarded with what I deemed appropriate. and that I would receive very few followers and that my PLN would grow as slow as Regina’s traffic work (I wish I could say I was joking here). I am surprised and satisfied to say that my  PLN is growing at an alarming rate, and logic dictates that it will only grow at an increasing rate over time. And while we’re on the subject, why not give me a follow?twitter-bird-white-on-blue Just click the link to the right!

My tweets are getting responses, I’m responding to others, and most importantly, I’m learning. I was very skeptical of twitter at first simply because many of my friends use it to follow Will Ferrell and nothing more, and because when anything important came through twitter I would hear about it through other online communities and news stations. But my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of twitter. I am seeing peoples summaries of articles or retweets of educational content, and if I have time and the subject is interesting I find myself urging to read them.


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